What We're About

FountainArts Founder, Carol Fountain Nix: Company Vision from CAROL FOUNTAIN NIX on Vimeo.

We’re committed to creating products that reflect our core values.

At FountainArts, we base our business values on the same tenets that drive the design of our products: Integrity. Authenticity. Creativity. Exclusivity.

Integrity: FountainArts products reflect premium craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our materials are responsibly sourced and environmentally-friendly and our products are produced locally as much as possible.

Authenticity: FountainArts products are completely authentic and designed by our founder. While some items are manufactured, there’s nothing “big box” about our products. We source our materials from sustainable and environmentally-conscious vendors and work with stateside manufacturing partners. We are proud to work with companies that are currently run by second and third generation owners who share our values and refuse to cut corners. As their families have done for centuries, they continue the traditions that allow FountainArts to offer items that are made in the USA – primarily in our home state of North Carolina. 

Creativity: Designing and creating artwork and forms for our exclusive product lines is the heart of FountainArts. Even in this digital age, our sketchbooks are full of concepts, ideas and drawings and we’re always working on additions to our product lines. Creativity is our greatest asset – it ensures that our products are completely unique. When you purchase an item from the FountainArts collection, you receive a piece of art that is unique and long-lasting.

Exclusivity: You won’t find FountainArts products on every corner. We pride ourselves on providing our valuable retailers and customers with products that are impeccably crafted and carefully curated. Our customers are discerning and know the value of great design. It is our goal to continue to enhance our product lines with exciting new items for those who understand and appreciate the difference in our quality and level of detail.