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"Fountain Arts is a bright new resource for fabulous tableware and home goods inspired by our love for wine. Carol’s artistry is so beautifully rendered, the designs almost look like photographs."
Amy Stavis
Editor/Publisher, Tableware Today Magazine



We like the looks and solidity of the Fusion™ Stemware Rack.

"There's a lot of fine stemware out there being treated not so nicely. For every hand-polished piece of crystal stored in a cabinet away from the kitchen, there are 10 glasses being dried upside-down on a towel next to the stove, where some garlic and onions are sautéing in olive oil.

Here's a simple solution. We like the looks and solidity of the Fusion™ Stemware Rack. Plus it folds. The smaller model is simply for glasses; the larger dries a decanter, too. Now all you need is a sideboard."

Owen Dugan
Features Editor
Wine Spectator magazine




Two words: I'm impressed.

"I had never heard of Carol Nix before learning about her about products: Fusion™ stemware drying racks for wine glasses and a set of wine-themed serving ware. Two words: I'm impressed. The Fusion 8-glass and 16-glass Stemware Racks are smart. You don't want to good fragile wine glasses into a dishwasher. So you wash them by hand and ... what? Immediately dry each and put it away while dinner guests may still be about? You don't have to bother. The Fusion Racks are metal frames with legs that fold flat for storage. But when unfolded, you can hang wine glasses upside down and let them drip dry onto a towel that you'd put below. The 16-glass rack has room in the center to turn a carafe upside down and let it drain as well.

As for the Carol Fountain Nix™ Line, my entire family, and people who have come into the house, have oohed and ahhed over these pieces. Each is named for a grape varietal, and the color palette and art work are most pleasing. These would make great plates for a party, or even serving pieces or candy dishes for a dressed-up dinner at home."

Erik Sherman
Editor in Chief
Flash in the Pan



The Fusion Stemware rack is PERFECT.

"We previously purchased a stemware drying rack from another company. While the concept was great, it just didn't work.  It wasn't heavy-duty enough and I was nervous about putting my Riedel and Waterford crystal on it. While the other brand came apart, it didn't store flat, took up lots of room, and was pretty much an "eye sore" no matter where we put it.  Who wants that when you are entertaining?

The Fusion Stemware rack is PERFECT.  It is very high quality with rubber tips and chrome finish. It is heavy duty and sturdy and we put our good crystal wine glasses on it without worry - even Riedel Sommeliers and over-sized brandy glasses. Simply pull it out after an evening of wine tasting or after a party - because it folds flat and is easy to store out of sight. This is truly a wine glass drying rack that WORKS.  And now there's the Fusion-16. This rack not only holds 16 stems – it hold a decanter as well. If you really need a drying rack this is the one to get PERIOD."


What Our Customers Are Saying

"Quality with a capital Q!"

Kathy A., Raleigh, NC


"We've used the Fusion stemware racks for years now and simply cannot live without them. We have them in all sizes now and they've saved us hundreds of dollars in stemware replacement! We give them as a gift anytime one is needed! All our friends and relatives have or are getting one. We highly recommend them.

Pamela H. and Helen S., Cornelius, NC


My recent shopping experience with Fountain Arts was amazing. I purchased many items that I loved. I like to give gifts that I would treasure myself so I purchased the kitchen towels, cocktail plates, a set of dinner napkins and a set of placemats.

My gifts were well received, especially when I told friends about Carol Fountain Nix and described her process as a designer. They loved that she is from North Carolina and most of her materials are locally sourced. They were also enthralled with the evidence of her artistic hand in the calligraphy and painting.

It is always fulfilling to give something that has a story and is also well-designed and well-made.

Thank you. I am a huge fan!

Kathleen R.,  Raleigh, NC


FountainArts products are wonderful. Artistically crafted for those with an aesthetic eye for superb design and taste as well as representing all that is fabulous about good wine.

Ruth B., Raleigh, NC