Leather Care

Fine leather deserves careful attention. Even the best leather is prone to crack or dry if not maintained properly. Our products are designed with premium cowhide leather, which can weather the elements. The pronounced grain [on select items] is attractive and gives our leather products their unique, authentic character. While we select pieces without major flaws, we find that some natural textures and marks enhance the beauty and authenticity of our products. Quality leather will “mature” and become even better with age with proper cleaning and conditioning.

Breaking in Your FountainArts Leather Product

Our products are tough and durable, so you won't damage them by putting your items into the pockets. For our rolls, we've used leather that can either mold to your tools – in which case, use the same slot for the same tool each time – or can be smoothed back out and flattened simply by rubbing it with a soft cloth. [We recommend microfiber cloths for this.] Scratches can be gently rubbed out as well.


We suggest using quality leather cleaners and conditioners preserve the character and extend the natural life of your FountainArts leather product. We recommend a gentle cleaning several times a year depending on frequency of use. Simply dampen a soft [or microfiber] cloth with warm water and use a circular motion to clean the leather. Allow it to dry naturally. Make sure it is not exposed to the sun or direct light. Once it is completely dry, rub some saddle oil over the leather product and if necessary, apply a second coat. Let dry.


In order to keep the leather soft and preserved, we recommend using a leather conditioner like Neatsfoot Oil. With a soft cloth, rub in a circular motion and let penetrate. Apply a second coat if necessary to protect from cracking and weather conditions. 

Your FountainArts leather product will last beyond a lifetime. We hope you enjoy it!

Our leather products are responsibly sourced.