WineNO® Premium Wine Stain Remover

Wine spills. We cry. We try and wash it out and all we get is a nice pink ring on a new white shirt.

WineNO® is a premium wine stain remover that works on all kinds of stains in addition to wine. We formulated it and patented it ourselves and we've put a lot of competing brands to the test. Let's just say, WineNO puts them all to shame. For one thing, WineNO is completely GREEN. As a plant-based formulation, WineNO is completely non-toxic and environmentally safe. [We don't recommend drinking it, though...stick to the wine!]

Why does WineNO work so well? WineNO lifts stains off the surface of the fabric rather than masking the coloration through bleaching or any other unsavory method. WineNO contains a pre-detergent so when you wash your fabric or rub it gently with water, the stain disappears. It also has a pleasant, clean scent.

Works very well on many other types of stains!


 Designed, manufactured and distributed in USA.

• Available in:

    2oz. travel size

    4oz. spray bottles

    12oz. spray bottles

• Filled in white EPA standard bottles with sprayer for a strong, diffused spray


1. Soak up as much of spill as possible with cloth or paper towel.

2. Saturate stain with WineNO® and let soak. Rub stain with your finger, cloth or brush.

3. Repeat if needed.

WineNO® is completely non-toxic, biodegradeable, environmentally safe, non-acidic, and will not harm pets or pollute groundwater.


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with a cosmetic chemist who was launching some new products he'd formulated. As we were going through some marketing scenarios, I just happened to say: "Well, what someone really needs to develop is a wine stain remover that actually works!" To my surprise, before long he showed up with a couple of unmarked spray bottles and asked me to try them against the leading brand. I sprayed wine on t-shirt material, carpet, even silk and it came out without a problem – and it didn't leave a light ring around the stain. I was amazed and somehow immediately came up with the brand name, WineNO®, which has been a fun brand to work with – with all its implications!

Friends and family are always asking for it so I've probably given away hundreds of bottles. I can't even begin to count the number of times WineNO has saved the day – or the holiday, or wedding or dinner – or sofa. It is my "go-to" for all kinds of stains and it truly works wonders. – CFN





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