Noble Vine Collection™ Artists' Roll

Our Noble Vine Collection™ is derived from the term, "best of the vine," which reflects the quality and durability of our line of premium hand-stitched, oil-tanned leather products.

Ever hear the expression, "If you want it done right, do it yourself?" This is one item we can't do without and we've designed it to our highest level of expectation. Since hand lettering is a foundation for much of FountainArts' work, we decided to include one of our favorite items in this collection.

We're proud to offer this beautifully-crafted leather pen and brush roll. Artists and craftspeople who travel with writing tools will find this item absolutely indispensable. Simply slide your pen or brush into each of the compartments, roll it up, secure it with the attached leather straps and you're on your way. There are 13 slots that can accommodate 17 or more tools!

This roll is a calligrapher's dream, made in premium, supple leather that is soft enough to roll and durable enough to keep pens secure.

We've also added a top flap, which covers the items and keeps them safe from nib or brush damage.

Crafted with top grain Serengeti™ cowhide in a warm, chestnut brown tone with contrasting waxed linen stitching. 

Please see our complete Leather Care Guide for instructions on how to preserve your Artists' Roll for a lifetime.

Please note that each piece is a bit different due to natural variations in the authentic leather. Natural marks and imperfections are considered "nature's signatures," which makes our products genuine and authentic. Each piece is an original and will age with grace.  

Handcrafted and produced entirely in the USA. Exclusively designed by FountainArts.

• 11" x 20" flat, folds into a compact 4" roll [depending on how much is loaded inside].

• Holds 12-15 or more pens/brushes depending on their size/width. Each slot is 3.75" tall and 1.5" wide.

• Top grain Serengeti™ cowhide combined with natural dyes and surface waxes to create a beautiful two-toned marble-like appearance which will naturally change over time. Natural characteristics enhance the beauty of this product. Comes in chestnut brown with caramel overtones.

• Stitched with waxed linen for luscious contrast stitching.

• Attached straps fold around the roll and secures with silver stud

• Top flap keeps items protected and secure from exposure

• 8mm brass screw stud enclosure with long bands for sizing adjustment

• Embossed with FountainArts emblem

• Ships in separate gift box with personalized artist note

Our leathers are responsibly sourced


Our products are tough and durable, so you won't damage them by putting your pens and brushes into the pockets. We've used leather that can either mold to your tools – in which case, use the same slot for the same tool each time – or it can be smoothed back out and flattened simply by rubbing it with a soft cloth. [Microfiber cloth works very well.] See our complete Leather Care Guide.

FountainArts leather products can be branded with your own logo by embossing on the item itself and/or creating a custom tag. For more information, please call or email our Customer Service representative and we will do our best to meet your needs.

This is the product that started the Noble Vine™ leather collection. As a lettering artist, I often travel to conferences and workshops with my pens and tools. To be able to simply roll them up and protect them is really important, especially on a plane or in transit. I was beginning to see how we might add leather to the FountainArts collection after working with an amazing local craftswoman who brought these pieces to life. After the first pen roll was completed, I knew we could create a line of pieces that would solve issues and be delectable, timeless artifacts as well. 

To see these come to fruition in such delicious leather is such a joy. I keep several around for different types of tools. I hope you'll enjoy yours as much as I do mine. – CFN




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